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Mon 16 Mar 2009, 10:19

1000 Universities Milestones Testimonial from Professor Long of OIT

On Mon 16 Mar 2009, at 10:19, Intel Software Network Graphics Feed wrote:

1000 Universities Milestones Testimonial from Professor Long of OIT

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James N. Long, Associate Professor CSET Department

Oregon Institute of Technology

"Undergraduate education is typically light on threading and scheduling, especially when it gets down to the nuts and bolts of coding for multithreaded programs. The addition of multi-core environments into the mix is amplifying this shortcoming in undergraduate programs. I have worked directly with Intel engineers to tailor curriculum to my undergraduate students in a way that will captivate their interest and, at the same time, develop programming skills fundamental to multi-core  platforms. The introduction of Game Engine Development and Threading Concepts into our curriculum is proving to be a popular topic for students. While they are working on an area of extreme interest, I, as a Professor, am getting in needed threading lessons using Intel tools and technologies for exploring thread synchronization, core performance, deadlocks, and thread optimization. This is proving to be a "win-win". The students are enjoying the programming challenge, and I am enjoying working with these concepts in a hands-on laboratory environment. Thanks to Intel for the ...

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