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AMD Launches Gamers Site

Waiting for gamers community

September 6, 2007 - Today, AMD's gamers site went live. In a similar fashion to nVidia's nZone, Game! offers an overview of new releases, cheats, and drivers. Lots of AMD marketing materials as well. According to The Inquirer, the new site looks like a revival of Just like this old-timer, the gamers community will have to give AMD's new site its value. Unfortunately, the chip manufacturer failed to integrate the Game! community with its existing forums.

AMD Game! site

What AMD has in mind:

  • Gaming: Dedicated news, reviews and other syndicated content such as trailers, screenshots, tips and tricks. Gamers are able to get a "behind-the-scenes" look at AMD, while accessing exclusive game content. A system check is available on the site to ensure that every user currently has the minimum requirements to enable certain games. New drivers and utilities will be updated on an ongoing basis as well.
  • Community: Section will feature forums and articles on gaming, and hardware by partners, game developers, press and gamers themselves. An editorial focused feel provides users with a comfortable gaming community, enabling ongoing discussion and opinionated conversations.
  • Contests & Prizes: Monthly contests provide users with the opportunity to win exclusive prizes. For the month of September, gamers that register to the site will be entered into a draw to win two extreme gaming systems powered by AMD, the iBuyPower Gamers Fire 1950 and the CyberPower Gamer Ultra 8800 PRO.
  • Events: Event page showcases AMD at LAN and gaming-focused tradeshows. Information will be provided on sponsorship opportunities and upcoming LAN support for gamers.
  • Toolbar Feature: Each registered user will receive access to the "toolbar" feature, giving them customized news based on user preferences (such as game genres), IM chat feature, video player and many other features.

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