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AMD Mobile Sempron processor (Dublin, revision CG, Low Power)


Model name: Mobile Sempron.
Code name: Dublin, revision CG, Low Power.
Family name: Cities.
Supplier: AMD.
Component class: CPU.


Generation: K8.


Multimedia instruction sets: MMX, Enhanced 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2.


L1 cache: 64 kbyte instruction cache, 64 kbyte data cache (Harvard architecture).
L2 cache: 256 kbyte (other 256 kbyte disfunctional/disabled) or 128 kbyte (other 384 kbyte disfunctional/disabled).


64 bit, 200 MHz, DDR memory controller: max. 4 x 512 Mbyte = 2 Gbyte (2 x 1 Gbyte double-sided PC3200 memory module).

800 MHz HyperTransport bus.

Memory protection: NX bit (Enhanced Virus Protection, EVP).


Power management

Power management: PowerNow!.

Clock speed

Clock speed Model Cache Multiplier Introduction Order part numbers
200 MHz / 1.60 GHz AMD Mobile Sempron 2600+ CPU 128 kbyte L2 8 July 2004 OEM: SMS2600BOX2LA
200 MHz / 1.60 GHz AMD Mobile Sempron 2800+ CPU 256 kbyte L2 8 July 2004 OEM: SMS2800BOX3LA


Voltage: 0.975-1.25 V.
Power dissipation: 9-25 W TDP.

Temperature: max. 95 °C.

Manufacturing process: 0.13 micron.

Number of transistors: 68.5 million.

Die size: 144 mm2.

Packaging: Socket 754.

Step level


Step levels: CG.

S-Spec / Stepping code

Model Code Stepping
AMD Mobile Sempron 2600+ CPU ACAUC CG
AMD Mobile Sempron 2800+ CPU CCAUC CG

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