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AMD More Efficient than Intel

Neal Nelson compares server processors

July 20, 2007 - Computer testing firm Neal Nelson compared the power usage of a 3 GHz Intel Xeon Woodcrest server to a 3 GHz AMD Opteron server. The results show that the AMD based server used 7.3 to 15.2 percent less power at five different user load levels and 44.1 percent less power while the systems were idle and waiting for work.

AMD must have put a lot of energy into optimizing the power usage for their products and it appears that its customers will now realize significant energy savings, said Neal Nelson, president of the testing firm.

Web Transactions on SuSE Linux

The comparison was performed using the firm's new Server Power-Efficiency test. It is a client-server benchmark where World Wide Web transactions are processed against a server configured with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell, the Apache 2 web server software and the MySQL relational database.

Since Neal Nelson's comparison had some flaws, he has promised to redo the test using different hardware parts.

Active users Xeon: Watt hours Opteron: Watt hours Opteron % better
idle 119.3 66.7 44.1
100 124.7 105.7 15.2
200 131.0 119.7 8.6
300 136.2 124.7 8.4
400 140.6 130.3 7.3
500 145.5 134.8 7.4

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