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AMD Phenom X4 9xxx series Quad-Core processor (Agena, stepping B3)


Model name: Phenom X4 9xxx series Quad-Core.
Code name: Agena, stepping B3.
Family name: Stars.
Supplier: AMD.
Component class: CPU.


Generation: K10.


64 bit technology: AMD64.

Multimedia instruction sets: MMX, Enhanced 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4a.


Balanced Smart Cache:

  • L1 cache: (4x) 64 kbyte instruction cache, 64 kbyte data cache (Harvard architecture),
    both 2-way set-associative,
  • L2 cache: (4x) 512 kbyte,
    8-way set-associative,
  • shared L3 cache: 2 Mbyte,
    32-way set-associative.


128 bit (decoupled dual-channel), 266/533/1066 MHz, Unbuffered DDR2-1066 memory controller, supporting ECC (Error-Correcting Code): max. 8 x 1 Gbyte = 8 Gbyte (4 x 2 Gbyte double-sided PC2-8500 memory module) per processor.

1.8 GHz HyperTransport 3.0 bus.

Memory protection: NX bit (Enhanced Virus Protection, EVP).

Virtualization technology: AMD Virtualization (AMD-V, Pacifica), with:

  • Rapid Virtualization Indexing: Nested Page Tables, virtual-to-physical address translation by memory controller,
  • Tagged TLB (Translation Look-aside Buffer): linking memory pages to virtual machines, no need for TLB flushes when switching virtual environments,
  • Device Exclusion Vector (DEV): managing access to memory pages by virtual machines,
  • Extended Migration: allowing virtual machines to be live migrated over the full range of Opteron processors.


Quad-core technology: four cores connected through Internal System Request Queue Crossbar.


Power management

Power management: Cool'n'Quiet 2.0, with:

  • CoolCore Technology: turning off unused parts of the processor,
  • Independent Dynamic Core Technology: the clock multiplier of each core can be set independently of the other cores,
  • Dual Dynamic Power Management (DDPM): a split power plane provides an independent power supply to the cores and to the memory controller.

Clock speed

Clock speed Model Multiplier Voltage Power dissipation Temperature Introduction Order part numbers
200/2200 MHz AMD Phenom X4 9550 Quad-Core CPU 11 1.10-1.25 V 95 W TDP max. 70 °C March 2008 OEM: HD9550WCJ4BGH,
200/2300 MHz AMD Phenom X4 9600B Quad-Core 1 CPU 11.5 1.10-1.25 V 95 W TDP max. 70 °C April 2008 OEM: HD960BWCJ4BGH
200/2300 MHz AMD Phenom X4 9650 Quad-Core CPU 11.5 1.10-1.25 V 95 W TDP max. 70 °C March 2008 OEM: HD9650WCJ4BGH,
200/2400 MHz AMD Phenom X4 9750 Quad-Core CPU 12 1.20-1.30 V 125 W TDP max. 61 °C March 2008 OEM: HD9750XAJ4BGH,
200/2500 MHz AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition Quad-Core 2 CPU 12.5 (unlocked) 1.20-1.30 V 125 W TDP max. 61 °C March 2008 OEM: HD985ZXAJ4BGH,

  1. Business Class: availability guaranteed for 24 months after release
  2. 2.0 GHz HyperTransport bus; unlocked multiplier


Manufacturing process: fourth generation 65 nm, SoI (Silicon-on-Insulator), DSL (Dual Stress Liner), e-SiGe (embedded Silicon Germanium).

Number of transistors: 463 million (dimensioned for 600 million).

Die size: 285 mm2.

Packaging: Socket AM2+.

Manufactured in: AMD Fab 36, Dresden, Germany.

Step level


Step levels:

  • B3: full production.

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