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AMD Preparing Triple-Cores

Phenom X3 to be released Q1 next year

September 15, 2007 - AMD will introduce Triple-Core processors, according to HardTecs4U. The Phenom X3 processors will be introduced first quarter next year and fill the gap between the Dual-Cores and Quad-Cores.

Update: Meanwhile, AMD has confirmed the upcoming Triple-Core, code named Toliman. Contrary to previous messages, the Phenom X3 processors will be based on Quad-Core dies, increasing the production yield by disabling disfunctional cores. According to estimates by X-bit labs, it was highly unlikely that AMD had decided to develop a separate Triple-Core design.

Processor Market

Biggest win would be a market that will not frown on these odd Triple-Cores. After all, expecting cores in powers of two is only a predisposition in the minds of us techies. Last month, The Inquirer already found a triple-socket Opteron system.

AMD's stubbornness in producing a monolithic Quad-Core now allows the chip manufacturer to bring products and features Intel cannot. Most of the Barcelona enhancements in energy management and virtualization do not fit Intel's current two-by-two design with an external memory controller. It would be hard to disable one core of a Core 2 Quad processor and come up with a balanced product.

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