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AMD will be Selling Commex Chipsets with its Server Platforms

Chipset should improve multi-core performance without increasing power dissipation

December 31, 2007 - According to the Israeli newspaper Globes Online, AMD and Commex have reached a collaboration agreement. The server chipset Commex is currently developing for multi-core processors, will be distributed as part of AMD's platform solutions.

Commex was founded two years ago by President and CEO Tal Horowitz and two investors. Horowitz is a former senior member of Intel's development team of dual-core processors. The fabless company specializes in optimization technologies for X86 multi-core processors. In today's X86 platforms, bandwidth is increasing, processor execution speed is racing ahead, and the number of available processing cores in a typical X86 platform has more than quadrupled, reads the web site. But system performance just isn't scaling up. In fact, performance per Watt is going down. First production will start in May.

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