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AMD will double memory of Opteron processors

DDR3 modules cheaper, less power-hungry, and faster than FB-DIMM

July 25, 2007 - In 2009 AMD's Opteron MP processors will support DDR3 SDRAM, and twice as much memory modules as they support now, the chip manufacturer announced today. The extended memory capabilities will be part of the Socket G3 Memory Extender (G3MX) technology, developed in collaboration with memory makers IDT and Inphi.

Since the G3MX architecture will use a single buffer for every four modules (on one channel) instead of a buffer on each separate module like FB-DIMM (Fully Buffered DIMM, used by Intel, IBM, and Sun) does, AMD's solution will be cheaper and less power-hungry, and have less latency.

Enterprise-Class Servers

By supporting eight or sixteen memory modules per Dual-Core or Quad-Core processor, respectively, AMD will be doubling memory capacity. According to the company, it is responding to customer and industry demand for increasingly improved system memory capabilities and choice. G3MX will enable increased performance to customers' enterprise-class servers, such as those used for databases and emerging technologies like virtualization and multi-core computing.

The support of G3MX DDR3 will be incorporated into AMD's 2009 next next generation server platform architecture.

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