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HPCwire interview
Fri 11 May 2007, 12:00
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Burton Smith on Reinventing Computing

A preview of his ISC'07 keynote address
by Adrian Offerman

Burton Smith will present the opening keynote address at the 2007 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC'07) on June 27. He is an expert in high performance computer architectures and programming languages for parallel computers. Smith was the former chief scientist of Cray and one of the founders of Tera Computer, and now is a Microsoft Technical Fellow.

In his talk, Reinventing Computing, Smith will look at the ubiquitous deployment of parallel processors and what it could mean for HPC and the larger computing and IT industries. HPCwire features an interview in which he previews the topics that wil be addressed next month.

Burton Smith: Moore's Law will continue to improve transistor cost and speed, but single-processor performance will no longer keep pace.

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