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0  Intel Core 2 processors


Intel Core 2 processor overview Core 2 Core 2 Duo Conroe Conroe 2M Allendale Core 2 Quad Kentsfield Core 2 Duo Merom Merom 2M Celeron M Merom-1024 Core 2 Extreme Conroe XE Core 2 Quad Extreme Kentsfield XE Core 2 Xeon Woodcrest Woodcrest LV Conroe Conroe 2M Core 2 Quad Xeon Cloverton Cloverton LV Kentsfield Quad-Core Xeon MP Tigerton Tigerton LV Dual-Core Xeon MP Tigerton-DC


System Management Mode (SMM).

0.1  Intel Core 2 Duo processor

0.1.1  Intel Core 2 Duo E6xxx series processor (Conroe)

0.1.2  Intel Core 2 Duo E6xxx series processor (Conroe, 2 Mbyte L2 cache)

0.1.3  Intel Core 2 Duo E6xxx series processor (Allendale)

0.1.4  Intel Core 2 Duo E4xxx series processor (Allendale)

0.1.5  Intel Core 2 Duo E8xxx series processor (Wolfdale)

0.1.6  Intel Core 2 Duo E7xxx series processor (Wolfdale-3M)

0.2  Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor

0.2.1  Intel Core 2 Duo T7xxx series mobile processor (Merom, Socket M)

0.2.2  Intel Core 2 Duo T5xxx series mobile processor (Merom, 2 Mbyte L2 cache, Socket M)

0.2.3  Intel Core 2 Duo T7xxx series mobile processor (Merom, Socket P)

0.2.4  Intel Core 2 Duo LV L7xxx series mobile processor (Merom LV)

0.2.5  Intel Core 2 Duo T5xxx series mobile processor (Merom 2M, Socket M)

0.2.6  Intel Core 2 Duo T5xxx/T7xxx series mobile processor (Merom 2M, Socket P)

0.2.7  Intel Core 2 Duo ULV U7xxx series mobile processor (Merom 2M ULV)

0.2.8  Intel Core 2 Duo T9xxx series mobile processor (Penryn)

0.2.9  Intel Core 2 Duo T8xxx series mobile processor (Penryn 3M)

0.3  Intel Core 2 Solo mobile processor

0.3.1  Intel Core 2 Solo ULV U2xxx series mobile processor (Merom-L ULV)

0.4  Intel Pentium Dual-Core mobile processor

0.4.1  Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2xxx series mobile processor (Merom 2M)

0.5  Intel (Mobile) Celeron M processor

0.5.1  Intel (Mobile) Celeron M 5x0-fused series processor (Merom-1024)

0.5.2  Intel (Mobile) Celeron M 5x0 series processor (Merom-L, Standard Voltage)

0.5.3  Intel (Mobile) Celeron M ULV 5x3 series processor (Merom-L, Ultra Low Voltage)

0.6  Intel Core 2 Extreme mobile processor

0.6.1  Intel Core 2 Extreme X7xxx series mobile processor (Merom XE)

0.6.2  Intel Core 2 Extreme X9xxx series mobile processor (Penryn XE)

0.7  Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor

0.7.1  Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2xxx series processor (Allendale)

0.8  Intel Celeron processor

0.8.1  Intel Celeron 400/200 series processor (Conroe-L, Merom-Chop2)

0.8.2  Intel Celeron E1xxx series Dual-Core processor (Allendale-512)

0.9  Intel Core 2 Extreme processor

0.9.1  Intel Core 2 Extreme X6xxx series processor (Conroe XE)

0.10  Intel Core 2 Dual-Core Xeon processor

0.10.1  Intel Core 2 Dual-Core Xeon DP 51xx series processor (Woodcrest)

0.10.2  Intel Core 2 Dual-Core Xeon DP LV 51xx series processor (Woodcrest LV)

0.10.3  Intel Core 2 Dual-Core Xeon UP 30xx series processor (Conroe)

0.10.4  Intel Core 2 Dual-Core Xeon UP 30xx series processor (Conroe 2M)

0.11  Intel Core 2 Quad processor

0.11.1  Intel Core 2 Quad Q6xxx series processor (Kentsfield)

0.11.2  Intel Core 2 Quad Q9xxx series processor (Yorkfield)

0.11.3  Intel Core 2 Quad Q9xxx/Q8xxx series processor (Yorkfield-6M)

0.12  Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme processor

0.12.1  Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX6xxx series processor (Kentsfield XE)

0.12.2  Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9xxx series processor (Yorkfield XE)

0.13  Intel Core 2 Quad Xeon processor

0.13.1  Intel Core 2 Quad Xeon DP E53xx/X53xx series processor (Cloverton)

0.13.2  Intel Core 2 Quad Xeon DP LV L53xx series processor (Cloverton LV)

0.13.3  Intel Core 2 Quad Xeon UP X32xx series processor (Kentsfield)

0.13.4  Intel Quad-Core Xeon MP E7300/X7300 series processor (Tigerton)

0.13.5  Intel Quad-Core Xeon MP LV L7300 series processor (Tigerton LV)

0.13.6  Intel Dual-Core Xeon MP E7200 series processor (Tigerton-DC)

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