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Wed 6 Jun 2012, 9:00

Cloud Computing: A Primer

Cloud Computing: A Primer
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Many users of computer technology—and for that matter, many technology creators and administrators—complain about the rapid pace of change in information technology. The most recent example of a new technology trend bursting upon the scene is cloud computing. Setting a record for going from “what is it?” to “I’ve got to have it,” cloud computing for many people seems to represent a revolution in how computing will be done in the future. It’s important; however, to understand that, despite its sudden arrival, cloud computing is actually the latest manifestation of well-established trends, each of which has brought new benefits and new challenges to those working in IT. Cloud computing is the latest—and hottest—technology trend going. Many people see it as crucial to the next step in enterprise computing, and an inevitable development in internal data centers. For IT is crucial to understand how today’s cloud computing signifies a movement away from IT-centric product focus and signals a re-engagement with computing users, made possible by those long-established trends.
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