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SSCS interview
Sun 1 Jul 2007, 18:00
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Computer Architecture and Amdahl's Law

SSCS brings an interview with Gene Amdahl
by Adrian Offerman

July 1, 2007 - This month, the Solid-States Circuits Society (SSCS) brings an interview with Gene Amdahl. After having worked for IBM, he started the Amdahl Corporation in 1970, specializing in IBM compatible mainframes. The company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu since 1997.

We took about three weeks to do an analysis of the formidable task of competing head on with IBM, for we intended to be compatible with IBM and, in fact, use their operating system (we knew IBM had decided to lease it independently of the mainframe to reduce their antitrust risk). The reason for compatibility was that the mainframe market was almost exclusively IBM, and that producing a better product than IBM seemed simpler than changing the market place.

Furthermore, SSCS also publiced Amdahl's article Validity of the Single Processor Approach to Achieving Large Scale Computing Capabilities. It is his first publication of what became known as Amdahl's Law.

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