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Fri 27 Apr 2012, 9:00

Conserving Active Power

Conserving Active Power


This article presents techniques to optimize applications to save power during active use. These techniques include multi-threading, batching of I/0 accesses, and reducing memory bandwidth. Some of the techniques are applicable for general program usage while others may be specific to a certain type of application or platform.


Battery life consumption has become an increasing focus for today’s electronic devices. Many people report frustration when the battery life of small devices (such as Ultrabook™ devices, laptops, cell phones and tablets) are not capable of surviving a typical day, leaving users searching for a charging station at inopportune times. Major contributors to these battery woes are applications which are not optimized to conserve energy. This part of the problem can be solved by improving application battery consumption, both while the program is in an idle state and while it is active. This paper will focus on ways for an application to optimize operations during active use.

Active Power

The definition of the active period for an application is whenever the program is doing useful work. The term “useful work” is work that is necessary to complete the activity requested directly by the ...
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