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Wed 11 Apr 2012, 17:58

Constructing a Blog Post: Work from the Bottom Up

Constructing a Blog Post: Work from the Bottom Up
Constructing a blog post - work with the end in mindWhen I teach blog writing classes, one of the first questions my students always ask is: what's the best way to compose an effective blog post?

Anyone here ever read a newspaper, I ask? Well that’s not how you write for a blog. I go on to explain - when you read an article in a newspaper, you’ll find that it uses the inverted triangle approach. That means as much relevant information is packed into the top of the story, trailing off with the sort of “nice to knows” at the end. This is done so that if the editor runs out of space for the story, she can lop off the last one or two paragraphs of a submitted article and not lose the important information.

A newspaper article does and should not end on a strong note. That’s just not how they are read. It’s not what we expect to see.

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