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Mon 9 Mar 2009, 12:01

'Cool' Topics

On Mon 9 Mar 2009, at 12:01, Intel Software Network Graphics Feed wrote:

'Cool' Topics

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 Latest News and interesting things about Technologies from Intel

Intel Labs Europe

Intel announced the creation of Intel Labs Europe, with the goal of expanding the scope of its European R&D activities. Intel Labs Europe aims to drive even closer collaboration with European researchers and policy makers, EU initiatives including exploratory research, methods of using ICT to improve the efficiency of industries and increasing the quality and productivity of ICT overall.

More about the Intel Labs Europe >>

Optical I/O Technology to prevent Multi / Many-Core Bottlenecks

The microprocessor architecture transition from multi-core to many-core will drive increased chip-to-chip I/O bandwidth demands at processor/memory interfaces and in multi-processor systems. Future architectures will require bandwidths of 200GB/s to 1.0TB/s and will bring about the era of tera-scale computing. To meet these bandwidth demands, traditional electrical interconnect techniques require increases in circuit complexity and costlier materials. Ian Young et al, Intel

More about the Optical I/O Technology >>

Intel's expert tips to master Parallel Programming

Achieving application performance on Multi-Core processors relies on the ...

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