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Tue 17 Mar 2009, 3:21

Deprecated IPP functions since version 6.0

On Tue 17 Mar 2009, at 3:21, Intel Software Network Graphics Feed wrote:

Deprecated IPP functions since version 6.0
Some IPP APIs are deprecated since IPP 6.0. Please check the list below

1.  All ippiResize*/ippiResizeCenter*/ippiResizeShift*/
 and ippiGetResizeFract/ippiResizeSqrPixelGetBufSize  functions

All ippiResize* functions in ippiman.pdf and .h formats have been marked for deprecated.  Please use ippiResizeSqrPixel* intead.

For exmaple, you have the below code using ippiResize_8u_C3R 

status=ippiResize_8u_C3R((Ipp8u*)pSrc->DataPtr(), pSrc->Size(), pSrc->Step(), roiRect, (Ipp8u*)pDst->DataPtr(), pDst->Step(), pDst->Size(), xFactor, yFactor, Interpolation);

Please use ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C3R function instead. The code is like,

IppiRect roiRect={0,0, pSrc->Width(),pSrc->Height()};
IppiRect dstRect={0,0, pDst->Width(),pDst->Height()};
status=ippiResizeGetBufSize(roiRect, dstRect, 3, Interpolation, &BufferSize);
Ipp8u* pBuffer=ippsMalloc_8u(BufferSize);
status=ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C3R((Ipp8u*)pSrc->DataPtr(), pSrc->Size(), pSrc->Step(), roiRect, (Ipp8u*)pDst->DataPtr(), pDst->Step(), dstRect, xFactor, yFactor, 0, 0, Interpolation, pBuffer);

We focus on the ippiResizeSqrPixel because it supports more interpolation methods and has close result as wide-used square-based interpolation.

The ippiResize* functions are obsolete. We kept them in current version just for back-compatible.

2.  ippsSynthesisFilter_G729_16s/ippsShortTermPostFilter_G729A_16s

Please use ippsSynthesisFilter_NR_16s_Sfs as replacement

The function computes the speech signal by filtering the input speech through the synthesis filter. It performs the same operation as ippsSynthesisFilter_G729_16s/ippsShortTermPostFilter_G729A_16s for the same parameters, but explicit memory, scale factor and length.

For example the call
ippsShortTermPostFilter_G729A_16s(pSrcLpc, pSrcResidual, pSrcDstSpch)
ippsSynthesisFilter_G729_16s(pSrcResidual, pSrcLpc, pSrcDstSpch)
each is equvalentl to the call
ippsSynthesisFilter_NR_16s_Sfs(pSrcLpc, pSrcResidual, pSrcDstSpch, 40, 12, ...
Filed under: Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
Source: Intel Software Network Graphics Feed
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