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Tue 29 May 2012, 9:00

Developing Power Aware Applications on Android*

Developing Power Aware Applications on Android*

1. Power aware applications

Nowadays mobile devices are designed to be carried everywhere but are powered by batteries with limited energy capacity. This implies that battery lifetime for devices becomes critical in the design of the software and hardware ecosystem. The designer should consider energy efficiency across operating systems, drivers, hardware components, and applications. Applications, as key players in the mobile ecosystem, are important optimization targets for making the system energy efficient. App developers should always keep in mind energy and power consumption in the design of their applications.

Power aware applications respond to power state changes and provide different options to users to extend battery lifetime. The power state information could be system AC/DC power information, the remaining battery levels, or the hardware component power state etc. Power aware design is useful especially for certain battery hungry scenarios to preserve power with trade-offs on performance or user experiences.

In designing power aware apps, the first rule is to minimize the utilization of hardware resources in general scenarios. The second rule is to identify the battery hungry scenarios by the power state information and provide energy efficient alternatives while recognizing trade-offs of user experience or performance in order to ...

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