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Wed 16 May 2012, 20:11

Effective B2B Lead Generation Doesn't Sell Your Product

Effective B2B Lead Generation Doesn't Sell Your Product
In the world of B2B marketing, there are three kinds of prospects:
1. Those in the last stage of the buy cycle and in the process of evaluating solutions.
2. Individuals with a pain or a problem that's big enough to take action to solve, but who are beginning to look around for information on possible solutions.
3. People just beginning to realize there's a problem, but the pain is not yet big enough to take action to solve.

When your company develops a product, its purpose is to provide a solution to a known problem. The thinking is, "Companies have this problem, so we'll create a solution that they'll jump on." It is logical, from that point of view, to focus all your marketing on selling the product.

Unfortunately, the only prospects this approach attracts are those that fall into category #1 -- completely missing those who are beginning their research or are just beginning to see a pain point. To generate the maximum number of leads in marketing efforts -- to build a long-term pipeline of potential buyers -- B2B marketing must reach all three groups.

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