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Wed 16 May 2012, 9:00

Fluid Simulation for Video Games (part 13)

Fluid Simulation for Video Games (part 13)

By Dr. Michael J. Gourlay


Download Fluid Simulation for Games (part 13) [PDF 1.1MB]
Download MjgIntelFluidDemo_Part13.rar [RAR 2.3MB]

Figure 1. Convex polyhedra interacting with a vortex particle fluid

Convex Obstacles

Video games are compelling because they are interactive. Even visual effects should respond to other entities in the environment, especially those the user controls. Particle effects, including fluids, should therefore respond to rigid bodies of any shape. Those shapes should include airfoils that can experience lift.

This article—the thirteenth in a series—describes how to augment the fluid particle system described earlier, interact with rigid bodies with any polyhedral shape, and generate a lift-like force on those bodies. Part 1 summarized fluid dynamics; part 2 surveyed fluid simulation techniques. Part 3 and part 4 presented a vortex-particle fluid simulation with two-way fluid–body interactions that runs in real time. Part 5 profiled and optimized that simulation code. Part 6 described a differential method for computing velocity from vorticity, and part 7 showed how to integrate a fluid simulation into a typical particle system. Part 8 explained how ...

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