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Heap settings and reading verbose GC output

Heap settings and reading verbose GC output

Last time we talked about setting up GC flags and how to tune your Java application with the proper GC algorithm.  This time we're going to focus on how to properly setup your Java heap to help get the best performance possible.

The easiest way to set your heap would be to set a maximum allowable size and let the JVM handle everything else.  By using the flag "-Xmx" you can set the heap size.  Example would be:  "-Xmx1024m" or "-Xmx1g" both set the maximum heap size to 1gigabyte.  Just realize that you don't want to set the maximum heap larger than the available memory in your system.  Performance will suffer and you'll be worse off than had you used a smaller heap.

While that's a good start, we can clearly do better than that.  The JVM also has this notion of the heap being split in multiple sections.  One section is the nursery or young generation where all allocations happen.  The other section is the tenured space or old generation where long lived objects get promoted from the ...

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