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Wed 8 Apr 2009, 18:52

How To Contribute to Intel Software Network

On Wed 8 Apr 2009, at 18:52, Intel Software Network Graphics Feed wrote:

How To Contribute to Intel Software Network

Intel Software Network is a community for developers using Intel Technology specifically in the Multi-threading, Manageability, Visual Computing and Mobile areas. While we strive to provide the most useful content for this site we also look forward to contributions from our community members since they are the users of the technology that we talk about. We believe that diverse experiences, expertise and knowledge shared by our members helps us build vibrant, active communities

Each time you contribute to ISN you earn points. The Intel Black Belt Software Developer is a program designed to recognize members for their time and effort to help make Intel Software Network a valuable developer resource. You can read more about the benefits and point system at

There are several ways to be an active contributor for the Intel Software Network.
1. Writing articles for publication
2. Contributing Videos
3. Contributing as a Blog writer
4. Participating in the Discussion Forums

Process for Non-Intel employees to contribute to ISN

Article - we encourage our community to contribute technical articles, white papers, case studies or how-tos. The process to do so is as follows :
--you can reach the Content Management System ...

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