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Added with 80286 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)

Instructions added with the 80286 processors:

  • ARPL
    Adjust RPL Field of Segment Selector
  • CLTS
    Clear Task-Switched Flag in CRO
  • LAR
    Load Access Rights Byte
    Load Global/Interrupt Descriptor Table Register
  • LLDT
    Load Local Descriptor Table Register
  • LMSW
    Load Machine Status Word
  • LOADALL (undocumented)
    Load All Registers
  • LSL
    Load Segment Limit
  • LTR
    Load Task Register
  • SGDT
    Store Global Descriptor Table Register
  • SIDT
    Store Interrupt Descriptor Table Register
  • SLDT
    Store Local Descriptor Table Register
  • SMSW
    Store Machine Status Word
  • STR
    Store Task Register
    Verify a Segment for Reading or Writing