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Inlining Information Hidden in the Hotspot JVM - Part II

Inlining Information Hidden in the Hotspot JVM - Part II
Tracing a performance problem back to source code is a common task in performance analysis. Tools that automate this task can save engineers plenty of manual labor. Though there are many Java tools that perform source mapping, they arguably have limited accuracy because JVMTI, the interface that they rely on, lacks information about inlining decisions. JVMTI does not know whether the code that the JVM generates for a compiled method belongs to the method itself or to another method that was inlined into it.
In a previous blog article ("Inlining Information Hidden in the Hotspot JVM"), I mentioned that we have found a way to expose to tool writers the inlining information that is inside the Hotspot JVM, paving the way for more accurate source mapping. However, I didn't describe how we implemented our approach. The way you solve a software problem can open the door to solving other software problems than the one that you had originally targeted.
Initially, we wanted to solve the problem of improved source mapping. We knew that the Hotspot JVM contained information about inlining decisions, and that this information was unavailable to tool writers. We wanted to expose this information ...

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