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Mon 16 Mar 2009, 11:41

Intel Academic Community Bulletin

On Mon 16 Mar 2009, at 11:41, Intel Software Network Graphics Feed wrote:

Intel Academic Community Bulletin

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Subject: Intel® Academic Community News- March 13th 2009


SIGCSE has just wrapped up; it was great to have the chance to discuss the Academic Community Program and new possibilities for collaboration with members in person. One professor from a small college in South Carolina was looking for resources for an exceptional student working on a thesis around Parallelism, the Chair of a Computer Science department from a large Canadian University is debating how to augment their program for core CS classes, and scores of faculty members came to tell us about their efforts to bring Parallel computing courseware into the classroom. Folks were excited to be on the cutting edge of "Parallel Computing as normal" and everywhere people were proudly wearing their "Think Parallel" badges. 

What are you doing to bring Parallelism into the classroom? What can Intel do to help? Let us know in our forum and we'll send you a "Think Parallel" thank you*! 

In this Bulletin:

Academic Community Passes 1,000 University Milestone Leadership in Academia Award Wu-Han University Case Study Level Up 2009, Intel® Visual Adrenaline Game Demo ...

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