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Wed 14 Jan 2009, 20:37

Intel® Active Management Techonology Perl Scripts

Intel® Active Management Techonology Perl Scripts

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Perl Scripts package contains scripts designed for ISVs developing manageability applications and for system integrators or administrators who are looking for scripting capabilities. 

The scripts contained here and all other required Intel code are distributed as source code with no Support Level Agreement (SLA), and is intended to be adopted by system integrators who will own the support of their final deployments.

For system requirements and installation instructions please see the Intel AMT Scripts Guide.

Download the latest version of the Intel AMT Scripts


Intel AMT functionality is based on underlying protocols like SOAP, Serial over Lan or IDE-Redirection. Because SOAP is agnostic to state it is suitable for invocation from Perl scripts. 

This package contains Intel AMT Perl scripts that support the following actions/ functions: 
  • Controlling power states
  • Reading list of hardware assets
  • Reading error log
  • Reading and modifying information stored in flash memory
  • Changing network settings (DHCP2static, static2static, static2DHCP)
  • Reading and changing AMT hostname and reading domain
  • ...

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