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Intel Buying nVidia Buying AMD

Of course, none of all this is going to happen

January 2, 2008 - The trading of nVidia stock options peeked today after reports of Intel and nVidia talking. And with AMD stocks at a historical low, everyone is speculating who might buy the tormented company.

In its Top 10 predictions for semis in 2008, EE Times suggests IBM buying a stake in AMD. After all, IBM is a technology partner with AMD. However, in the same list, EE Times also thinks 2008 could be the year for IBM to spin out its semiconductor unit. Samsung is mentioned as another - unlikely - acquirer for AMD. On the other hand, the processor manufacturer could also go the private equity route.

Not Going to Happen

Of course, none of all this is going to happen. Intel considered buying nVidia or ATI before, and decided not to. nVidia taking over AMD was put forward before, but that would take the competition out of the graphics market. Furthermore, it could mean that AMD would lose the original X86 license from Intel.

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