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Mon 9 Mar 2009, 19:29

Intel® Cluster Ready Recipes

On Mon 9 Mar 2009, at 19:29, Intel Software Network Graphics Feed wrote:

Intel® Cluster Ready Recipes

Intel® Cluster Ready “recipes” are reference designs provided to help hardware vendors, platform integrators, and system integrators design and build certified Intel Cluster Ready systems. Please note, however, that there are additional requirements for achieving Intel Cluster Ready certification, which are only available to partners of the Intel Cluster Ready program, such as the Intel® Cluster Checker.

The recipes below offer an excellent starting point for program partners, though you may add certain components and features to enhance capabilities and add value. Each new system is subject to individual verification and certification as Intel Cluster Ready.

The recipes are grouped by Intel® Server Board Number, with the newest recipe being on top.


Intel® Server Board S5520UR based reference implementations

Name Description Number of nodes† Last Updated


Release Notes

  • Intel® Server Board S5520UR
  • Platform Open Cluster Stack* version 5.3
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 5 Update ...
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