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Intel Core Duo LV L2xxx series processor (Yonah, Low Voltage)


Model name: Core Duo LV L2xxx series.
Code name: Yonah, Low Voltage.
Supplier: Intel.
Component class: CPU.


Generation: Core.


Dual-core technology.

Multimedia instruction sets: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3.


L1 cache: (2x) 12 k mOps instruction cache, 16 kbyte data cache (Harvard architecture).
Shared L2 cache: 2 Mbyte.


166 MHz QDR bus.

Memory protection: XD bit.

Virtualization Technology (VT, Vanderpool).


Dual-core technology.


Power management

Power management: Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST).

Clock speed

Clock speed Model Multiplier Introduction Order part numbers
166/1500 MHz Intel Core Duo LV L2300 CPU 9 January 2006 OEM: LE80539LF0212M
166/1667 MHz Intel Core Duo LV L2400 CPU 10 January 2006 OEM: LE80539LF0282M
166/1833 MHz Intel Core Duo LV L2500 CPU 11 September 2006 OEM: LE80539LF0342MX


Voltage: 0.950-1.175 V (0.762-1.212 V).
Power dissipation: 13.1-15 W TDP.

Temperature: 0-100 °C.

Manufacturing process: 65 nm.

Number of transistors: 151 million.

Die size: 90.3 mm2.

Packaging: FCBGA6.

System management


Type Family Model Stepping Description
0x0 0x6 0xE 0x8 stepping C0
0x0 0x6 0xE 0xC stepping D0

Step level


Step levels:

  • C0,
  • D0.

S-Spec / Stepping code

Model Code Stepping
Intel Core Duo LV L2400 CPU SL8VW C0
Intel Core Duo LV L2300 CPU SL8VX C0
Intel Core Duo LV L2300 CPU SL9JS D0
Intel Core Duo LV L2400 CPU SL9JT D0
Intel Core Duo LV L2500 CPU SL9JU D0

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