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Intel Introduces Itanium 2 Montvale Processors

9100 series only limited update to Montecito CPUs

October 31, 2007 - Today, Intel unveiled the new Itanium 2 processors. One year late, the 9100 series offers only a few improvements compared to the current 9000 series.

The Montvale processors are a limited update to the existing Montecito CPUs. They are manufactured in the same 90 nm technology, feature the same amount of cache, and operate in the same clock speed range. However, a faster Front-Side Bus (FSB) and a slightly higher clock give the top models a performance increase of almost twenty percent compared to the current processors, Intel says.

Name Clock speed L3 cache Power dissipation (TDP) Introduction price
9110N 1 2 3 200/266 MHz / 1.6 GHz 12 Mbyte 75 W $696
9120N 3 200/266 MHz / 1.42 GHz 12 Mbyte 104 W $910
9140N 200/266 MHz / 1.6 GHz 18 Mbyte 104 W $1,980
9150N 2 200/266 MHz / 1.6 GHz 24 Mbyte 104 W $3,692
9130M 2 3 333/1666 MHz 8 Mbyte 104 W $1,552
9140M 333/1666 MHz 16 Mbyte 104 W $1,980
9150M 333/1666 MHz 24 Mbyte 104 W $3,692

  1. single core
  2. no HTT
  3. no EIST

Core Level Lock-Step

In addition to the existing Socket Level Lock-Step technology (SLL), the two cores can be run in Core Level Lock-Step (CLL). Reliability is improved by having the two cores execute the same instructions and compare the results for differences. However, this feature will not be available until Q1 2008.

Two Itanium processors can be connected to a chipset at the same time (three-load bus), supporting up to four cores per bus.

Demand Based Switching (DBS, compare SpeedStep) reduces server power consumption during low utilization periods, which can result in energy cost savings.

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