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Intel Introduces New Low Power Xeon Processors

Shrink to 45 nm enables higher clock speeds within same power envelope

March 25, 2008 - Today, Intel introduced two new low voltage Xeon processors. The Quad-Core L5400 series consumes only 50 Watts, or just 12.5 Watts per core, at frequencies up to 2.50 GHz.

Apart from the 12 Mbyte L2 cache and the higher clock speeds, the L5400 series is similar to the current L5300 processors (featuring an 8 Mbyte cache and running at a maximum speed of 2.00 Ghz). The shrink from 65 to 45 nm enables the higher clock speeds while staying within the same power envelope.

Model Clock speed Power dissipation Introduction price (tray)
Intel Xeon L5410 LV Quad-Core processor 333 MHz / 2.33 GHz 50 W TDP $320
Intel Xeon L5420 LV Quad-Core processor 333 MHz / 2.50 GHz 50 W TDP $380

Next quarter, Intel will introduce a Dual-Core Xeon LV processor based on this very same chip. These CPUs feature a 6 Mbyte L2 cache and two cores (the other half of the cache and the other two cores are disfunctional/disabled), and will run at 3.0 GHz.

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