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Intel Loses Share to AMD

AMD enters top ten semiconductor manufacturers

March 19, 2007 - 2006 was a great year for AMD. According to iSuppli, the chip supplier almost doubled its revenue, partly due to the acquisition of graphics chip seller ATI, but also because of strong gains in microprocessor market share. This makes AMD the eighth supplier in the chip market, up seven positions from the 15th rank in 2005.

Market leader Intel last year faced hard times in its microprocessor and flash-memory businesses, which together accounted for 83 percent of total company revenue. The revenue decline by 11.1 percent erased nearly all of the company's sales gains from its strong year in 2005. That resulted in Intel's market share falling to 12.1 percent, its lowest level since before 2000.

Meanwhile, AMD gained PC microprocessor market share at Intel's expense. AMD's revenue rose by 35.5 percent in 2006 and its market share in that product segment increased to 16.1 percent, up 5 percentage points from 11.1 percent in 2005.

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