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Intel Pentium 4 E processor (Prescott, Socket 478)


Model name: Pentium 4 E.
Code name: Prescott.
Supplier: Intel.
Component class: CPU.


Generation: Pentium 4.


Multimedia instruction sets: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3.


L1 cache: 12 k mOps instruction cache, 16 kbyte data cache (Harvard architecture).
L2 cache: 1Mbyte.


200 MHz QDR bus.


Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT).


Clock speed

Clock speed Model Multiplier Power dissipation Introduction Order part numbers
133/2400 MHz Intel Pentium 4 2400A 1 CPU 18 89 W TDP March 2004 OEM: RK80546PG0561M,
PIB: BX80546PE2400E
133/2800 MHz Intel Pentium 4 2800A/518 1 CPU 21 89 W TDP March 2004 OEM (stepping C0/D0/E0): RK80546PE0721M,
OEM (stepping G1): NE80546PE0721M,
PIB: BX80546PE2800E
200/2800 MHz Intel Pentium 4 HTT 2800E CPU 14 89 W TDP February 2004 OEM: RK80546PG0721M,
PIB: BX80546PG2800E
200/3000 MHz Intel Pentium 4 HTT 3000E CPU 15 89 W TDP February 2004 OEM (stepping C0/D0/E0): RK80546PG0801M,
OEM (stepping G1): NE80546PG0801M,
PIB: BX80546PG3000E
200/3200 MHz Intel Pentium 4 HTT 3200E CPU 16 103/89 W TDP February 2004 OEM (stepping C0/D0/E0): RK80546PG0881M,
OEM (stepping G1): NE80546PG0881M,
PIB: BX80546PG3200E
200/3400 MHz Intel Pentium 4 HTT 3400E CPU 17 103/89 W TDP February 2004 OEM (stepping C0/D0/E0): RK80546PG0961M,
OEM (stepping G1): NE80546PG0961M,
PIB: BX80546PG3400E

  1. Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT) disabled


Voltage: 1.25-1.40 V.

Manufacturing process: 90 nm.

Number of transistors: 125 million.

Die size: 81 mm2.

Packaging: Socket 478.

Thermal management

Thermal Monitor: TM1.

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