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Intel Pentium 4 Xeon MP processor (Foster MP)


Model name: Pentium 4 Xeon MP.
Code name: Foster MP.
Supplier: Intel.
Component class: CPU.


Generation: Pentium 4.


Multimedia instruction sets: MMX, SSE, SSE2.


L1 cache: 12 k mOps instruction cache, 8 kbyte data cache (Harvard architecture).
L2 cache: 256 kbyte.
L3 cache: 512 or 1024 kbyte.


100 MHz QDR Front-Side Bus (FSB).


Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP): max. 4-way.

Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT).


Clock speed

Clock speed Model Cache Multiplier Power dissipation Temperature Introduction Order part numbers
100/1400 MHz Intel Xeon MP 1.4 512KB CPU 512 kbyte L3 14 64 W TDP 5-74 °C March 2002 OEM: YF80528KC017512,
PIB: BX80528KL140GD
100/1500 MHz Intel Xeon MP 1.5 512KB CPU 512 kbyte L3 15 68 W TDP 5-76 °C March 2002 OEM: YF80528KC021512,
PIB: BX80528KL150GD
100/1600 MHz Intel Xeon MP 1.6 1MB CPU 1024 kbyte L3 16 72 W TDP 5-78 °C March 2002 OEM: RN80528KC025011,
OEM: YF80528KC025G1M,
PIB: BX80528KL160GE


Voltage: 1.75 V.

Manufacturing process: 0.18 micron.

Number of transistors:

  • 512 kbyte L3 cache: 76 million,
  • 1024 kbyte L3 cache: 110 million.

Packaging: Socket 603.


Type Family Model Stepping Description
0x0 0xF 0x1 0x1 stepping C0

Step level


Step levels: C0.

S-Spec / Stepping code

Model Code Stepping
Intel Xeon MP 1.4 512KB CPU SL5FZ C0
Intel Xeon MP 1.5 512KB CPU SL5G2 C0
Intel Xeon MP 1.6 1MB CPU SL5G8 C0
Intel Xeon MP 1.4 512KB CPU SL5RV C0
Intel Xeon MP 1.5 512KB CPU SL5RW C0
Intel Xeon MP 1.6 1MB CPU SL5S4 C0

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