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Intel Pentium processor


Generation: P5.


2-issue 5-stage superscalar with 8-stage pipelined FPU (Floating Point Unit).
Intel i80486 CPU upward instruction compatible.

System Management Mode (SMM).


8 kbyte instruction cache, 8 kbyte data cache (Harvard architecture).
Both 2-way set-associative, write-back, no write-allocate.


Branch prediction (BTB: Branch Target Buffer).

32 bit internal data bus (CPU - MMU (Memory Management Unit, including cache))
64 bit external data bus (MMU, including cache - memory).
Separate address space for instructions and data (Harvard architecture).

Parity checking at busses.


Multi-processor support.
Upgrading: adding another Intel Pentium CPU.


  • processor type, clock speed:
    • A80502133: 133 MHz Pentium,
  • stepping and quality:
    • SY022/SSS:
      • SY022: lithography mask number:
        • s-spec (part characteristics): SK, SU, SX, SY, SZ,
      • S: Standard voltage (3.135 - 3.6 V), V (VRE): narrowed voltages 3.4 - 3.6 V,
      • S: Standard timing, M: Minimum Valid MD timing,
      • S: Standard configuration, U: Uniprocessor only,
  • embossed iPP mark: carried by all Pentium CPUs at 90 MHz and faster, most 75 MHz Pentium CPUs carry only the i75 mark, 90 MHz and faster Pentium CPUs with the i75 mark are most likely fake,
  • iCOMP index,
  • serial number:
    • 6044482-0591: number and serial number,
  • country of manufacture:
    • MALAY: Malayasia.


FDIV bug: In October 1994, Dr. Thomas R. Nicely, then Professor of Mathematics at the Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia, reported a bug present in the FPU of all Intel Pentium CPUs. The double precision part of the mantissa is not computed correctly when dividing in some areas of the mantissa space of the divisor. The bug is fixed in Intel Pentium CPUs produced after November 1994.

Intel Pentium P5 processor

Intel Pentium P54C processor

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