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Intel Will Not Support SSE5 Instruction Extensions

Pat Gelsinger: AMD is forking

September 19, 2007 - Intel will not support AMD's SSE5 instruction extensions, Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and co-general manager of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group (DEG), told The Inquirer. He said that AMD has forked by introducing SSE5.

Application Targeted Accelerators

Instead, Intel will go forward with its own SSE4 instructions, to be introduced with its forthcoming 45 nm Penryn processor family. Later, the Nehalem processors will feature another extension called SSE4.2, accelerating string and text processing.

That will probably be the last instruction extension as we know it, as Intel introduces Application Targeted Accelerators (ATAs), embedded cores optimized for specific tasks. Compare the Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) from AMD's Fusion architecture. The Westmere processor will be the first Intel CPU to include an ATA, speeding up AES encryption/decryption.

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