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Intel and AMD Introduce New Server Processors

Last chips before new product line-ups

August 13, 2007 - Today, Intel added two new Quad-Core Xeon CPUs to its existing server processor portfolio. The X5365 runs at 3.0 GHz, and features a two-by-two shared L2 cache totaling 8 Mbyte. The L5335 runs at 2.0 GHz, also comes with an 8 Gbyte L2 cache, and fits a 50 Watt power envelope.

Last week, AMD did a similar thing, extending its high-end server processor lines. The company added the Opteron 2224 SE and Opteron 8224 SE Dual-Core processors to its price list. Both Santa Rosa CPUs run at 3.2 GHz, feature a 2 Gbyte L2 cache, and have a power dissipation up to 119 Watt (SE: Special Edition). The only difference between the two is that the 8224 supports configurations up to eight processors, while the 2224 supports only two.

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