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Intel i80186/i80C186 processor, Intel i80188/i80C188 processor


Model name: i80186/i80C186, i80188/i80C188.
Supplier: Intel.
Component class: CPU.


Generation: 80186.


Intel i8086 CPU / Intel i8088 CPU with extra features:

  • 2 programmable DMA controllers (Direct Memory Access),
  • 3 timers,
  • PIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller),
  • integrated clock generator,
  • Intel i80C186 CPU, Intel i80C188 CPU: DRAM refresh control unit,
  • Intel i80C186 CPU, Intel i80C188 CPU: power save mode,
  • extra instructions: all of the Intel i80286 CPU real mode instructions.

The Intel i80C188 CPU has no NPX interface (Numeric Processor Extension).

Intel i80186/i80C186 processor

Intel i80188/i80C188 processor

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