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Introducing the AMD Developer Inside Track - a New Monthly Video Series

Introducing the AMD Developer Inside Track - a New Monthly Video Series

I'm a member of AMD's software division (and yes, you read it correctly - I said software).  It turns out that a lot of people are surprised to hear that AMD has a software division.  I can't count the number of times that we've been at tradeshows showing off the AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer or our Performance Libraries and people have wondered why the heck AMD was at a software developer conference.  The answer is simple; you can't run the hardware without software.  We have a significant investment in software within AMD and with our software partners.  I've vowed to do my part to get you behind-the-scenes, one-on-one time with AMD software developers and our software partners' to get the scoop on what AMD is doing that would matter to software developers. 

The first installment of the AMD Developer Inside Track is available now.  This one features a panel of our software developer tools partners from Allinea, Pervasive and Rogue Wave talking about taking advantage of multi-core processing.  I was able to pull them aside after the CommunityOne West 2009 Multicore Panel sponsored by AMD.  Check out the video, Tracy Carver's ...

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