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Java-Crunching Monsters

Trend towards dedicated processors for specific workloads

June 14, 2007 - Today, Azul Systems announced two monster Java appliances. The Vega 2 7240 and 7280 Compute Appliances offer up to 768 processing cores on 16 processor chips and 768 Gbyte of memory, all in a flat SMP architecture (Symmetric Multi-Processing). The new engines need 14U of rackspace and consume 1,835 and 3,235 Watt, respectively.

Enterprise Solution

The Vega 2 7200 series Compute Appliance These systems are specifically designed to execute business-critical back-office applications written in Java. The 48 core Vega 2 processor is designed by Azul and fabricated by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The Vega 2 processor is the only solution with a Java-optimized instruction set, hardware-assisted garbage collection, and support for optimistic thread concurrency, said Scott Sellers, chief operation officer and co-founder of Azul Systems.

According to Azul, their systems offer five to fifty times more scalability and throughput while delivering consistent performance even under unpredictable load. That makes these appliances a perfect match for financial institutions, telecom operators, and e-business companies deploying massive Java workloads. The 7240 and 7280 pack enough punch to provide breakthrough scalability and performance to handle the demands of the largest business-critical applications, Seller said.
Among the Azul customers we find British Telecom (BT) and TrueCredit.

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