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Tue 17 Feb 2009, 10:12

On-Demand Access…Anywhere

On-Demand Access…Anywhere

The title of this blog refers to the beauty of cloud computing:  real-time, on-demand data access, regardless of where you are (presuming you are connected to the Internet, of course).  Isn’t it a great concept? Beyond its promise to shake up IT and the way we do business in the coming years, one of things I find interesting about the cloud today is the fact that, despite the glum economy, interest continues to grow.

For evidence of this, those of you in the Bay Area tomorrow can check out the IDC Cloud Computing Forum IDC expects healthy attendance.  And two weeks ago we were at the Parallels Summit 2009, which saw about twice as many attendees as the previous year.  These are good signs that our industry isn’t moribund just yet!

So while budgets are undeniably tight right now, it seems that companies are wisely exploring the potential cost-savings associated with virtualization ...

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