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Wed 18 Mar 2009, 11:43


On Wed 18 Mar 2009, at 11:43, Intel Software Network Graphics Feed wrote:


Industrial and Research Challenges in the Area of Multi-Core and Many Cores

Seven years ago, Dr. Mendelson was among the few who preached within Intel the need for moving from SMT (HT in Intel terminology) to CMP. Today, you can hardly buy a processor that contains a single core. In this presentation, Mendelson aims to explain this trend, address some of the challenges we are still facing, and depict a few alternatives for future systems.
Beginning with a short explanation on the fundamental issues that forced the industry to move from single core to multi-core and even to many core architectures (Hardware), Mendelson will continue with some of the main challenges we are still facing in order to make this new trend flourish (mainly Software). Mendelson will also attempt to address the main question whether this trend is temporal or if it has changed the computer industry forever.

Dr. Avi Mendelson was the CMP architect of the Intel Core Duo and Intel Core-2 Duo processors. Until recently, Mendelson worked at Intel Corporation for the past ten years in research and product development of multi-core ...
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