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Sun Tech Days, Hyderabad - 18-20 February, 2009

Sun Tech Days, Hyderabad - 18-20 February, 2009

It was an awesome event for us, at the AMD booth as well as at our technical session. It was a great experience for us to meet developers who are keen to know about AMD's efforts within the software community. We appreciate the support from those of you who attended AMD's technical session, particularly when you had multiple options.

We hope you now know  

  • Why AMD cares about Java
  • What contributions we've made to the Java community
  • Some useful tips for improving the performance of your Java application
  • How AMD works with many software partners to optimize their applications

As promised during my talk, here are the links to the Framewave and SSEPlus open source library projects.  Check them out, and contribute your own enhancements to the libraries or let us know what enhancements you'd like to see.

If you missed our session, here are some useful resources


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