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The Era of Tera

Intel unveils more information on Teraflops/Polaris and Larrabee

June 20, 2007 - Today, Intel unveiled more details on its Larrabee processors. They will form the first commercial product line based on the 80 core Teraflops/Polaris processor.


At its annual Research@Intel Day Intel showed off running the Polaris processor at 6.26 GHz, delivering 2 TeraFLOPS. While power dissipation was over 157 Watt running at this speed, the processor consumed no more than 24 Watt running 1 TeraFLOPS at 3.13 GHz. Earlier this year the processor was using 62 Watt at this clock speed.

Motherboard with Teraflops chip [Intel] The Polaris chip is manufactured in 65 nm technology and measures 13.75 x 22 mm. Each of the 80 in-order cores has two FPUs and 5 kbytes of L1 cache. It is the first programmable chip to deliver more than one trillion floating point operations per second (1 TeraFLOPS) of performance while consuming very little power.

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