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Fri 18 May 2007, 12:00
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What is to Come after Semiconductors?

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Up the Nano Creek
by Adrian Offerman

Book Description: This volume stems from the proceedings of Up the Nano Creek, the fifth workshop in the Future Trends of Microelectronics series, held in June of 2006. At this invitation-only workshop, top experts from academia, industry, and government came together to discuss, debate, and analyze the current trends in nanoelectronics. In addition, participants were asked to forecast the future of the field.

In this book leading profesionals in the semiconductor microelectronics field discuss the future evolution of their profession. The following are some of the questions discussed:

  • Does CMOS technology have a real problem?
  • Do transistors have to be smaller or just better and made of better materials?
  • What is to come after semiconductors?
  • Superconductors or molecular conductors?
  • Is bottom-up self-assembling the answer to the limitation of top-down lithography?
  • Is it time for Optics to become a force in computer evolution?
  • Quantum Computing, Spintronics?
  • Where is the printable plastic electronics proposed 10 years ago?
  • Are carbon nanotube transistors the CMOS of the future?

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