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Processor news and articles Processor News and Articles

Gartner press release
Processors » Manufacturing »
AMD Revenue Dropped More Than Twenty Percent
While Intel revenue grew more than twice as fast as market average

Amazon review
Processors » Suppliers »
Microprocessors, Programmable Logic, And Digital Signal Processing
Digital Fundamentals

AMD product announcement
Processors » Products »
AMD Expands Phenom Portfolio
Five new quad-cores and two new triple-cores available

Intel product announcement
Processors » Products »
Intel Introduces New Low Power Xeon Processors
Shrink to 45 nm enables higher clock speeds within same power envelope

Gartner press release
Processors » Manufacturing »
Assembly and Test Services Keep Outpacing the Semiconductor Market
IDMs and OEMs focusing on design and distribution, less on manufacturing

SIA press release
Processors » Market »
2007 Another Record Breaking Year for Semiconductor Sales
Doubled DRAM shipments compensate for lower prices

Processors » ChipList »
X86 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) Extensions Online
Overview of every instruction implemented since the 8086 CPU

Neal Nelson news item
Processors » System Design »
AMD Quad-Core Servers More Efficient than Intel's
Xeon server power usage sharply increased by Fully Buffered memory modules

Nextreme news item
Processors » Technology »
Nextreme Introduces Micro Cooling Element
Based on Peltier coolers integrated into the flip-chip bumps

AMD press release
Processors » System Design »
AMD Announces Live! Ultra Platform
High-end desktop and notebook PCs optimized for gaming and multi-media

Intel/AMD news item
Processors » Market »
Intel and AMD Both Downgraded by Bank of America
No hope for upsides before second half 2008

Intel/nVidia/AMD news item
Processors » Market »
Intel Buying nVidia Buying AMD
Of course, none of all this is going to happen

SSCS background article
Processors » Technology »
SSCS Newsletter Telling the DRAM Story
The history, evolution and current status of DRAM

AMD/Commex news item
Processors » Technology »
AMD will be Selling Commex Chipsets with its Server Platforms
Chipset should improve multi-core performance without increasing power dissipation

SIA press release
Processors » Market »
November Chip Sales Up 2.3 Percent
Microprocessor sales increased by 7.4 percent

CRN background article
Processors » Market »
Top 10 Chip Stories to Watch in 2008
CRN discusses next year with industry expert panel

AMD Opening Up Radeon Video Hardware
nVidia Voted Forbes Company of the Year
nVidia Launches CUDA Web Site
SPEC Releases Performance-To-Power Benchmark
From Standard to High-Speed DRAM Implementations
AMD Opens R&D Facility in India
Designing Power Distribution Networks
Designing Large Chips: From Concept to Silicon
Gartner Warns for Semiconductor Downturn
Fedora Spins Off Electronic Lab
Intel Considered Buying nVidia
CMOS Circuits from Design to Implementation
Silicon Valley: People and Places
Intel Introduces Itanium 2 Montvale Processors
Improving the Yield of Integrated Circuits
45 nm Penryn Processors will be 100 Percent Lead-Free
Intel Starts Production of 45 nm Penryn Processors
AMD Pushing Out 450 mm Wafer Technology
PC Processor Shipments Booming
GPUs Increasingly Embedded in PC Chipsets
The End of the Silicon Era
Electronic News interviews David "Dadi" Perlmutter
Intel Updates its Microprocessor Quick Reference Guide
More Details on Intel's Tukwila Itanium Processor
Switching to a Pb-free Solder Assembly
Principles of Digital Electronics, Devices and Integrated Circuits
Intel Will Not Support SSE5 Instruction Extensions
AMD Confirms Triple-Core processors
AMD Preparing Triple-Cores
AMD Regaining Market Share
AMD: No Core Wars
From Gate Level to Functional Circuits
Intel Starts Building of New Fab in China
AMD Introduces Quad-Core Opteron Processor
The Memory System Today Defines Computer-System Performance
AMD Launches Gamers Site
Intel introduces Quad-Core Xeon MP processors
Montvale Processor Ready for Manufacturing
Device Performances Driven by New Materials and Heterostructures
AMD Announces SSE5 Instruction Extensions
All About the HyperTransport Bus
The Latest in VLIW Microprocessing
Manufacturability and Yield in a Nano-CMOS Process
AMD Introduces 6400+ Black Edition
EDN Interviews Rick Hill, Chairman and CEO of Novellus
Manufacturing Integrated Circuits
Intel and AMD Introduce New Server Processors
The Future Method of IC Manufacturing
New Itanium Roadmap Live
Intel Supports Xeon-Based Blade Standard
AMD's Market Share Recovering
AMD will double memory of Opteron processors
Itanium Solutions Alliance Joins Mainframe Migration Alliance
AMD to Launch Athlon 64 X2 6400+ CPU
AMD Creates Remote IT Management Technology
AMD More Efficient than Intel
AMD Marketshare Stabilizing
Core 2 Processor Shipments Peaking at Year-End
Lower Prices and New Multi-Cores
Leaving AMD
Videocard Overclocking
AMD Completes 65 nm Turion 64 X2 Line
Picking the Latest and Greatest Hardware
Computer Architecture and Amdahl's Law
Intel Quad-Cores on Target
System-On-Chip Computing for ASICs and FPGAs
The Worlds Fastest Supercomputers
Learning SystemVerilog
Buying a PC
IBM gathering its 32 nm partners
The Era of Tera
Reinventing a Giant
Java-Crunching Monsters
Graphics Processor Specifications
One Billion PCs by End of 2008
An Introduction to VHDL
"Small is Beautiful"
What is to Come after Semiconductors?
AMD Announces Phenom Brand
Burton Smith on Reinventing Computing